Friday, February 27, 2009


Emma 3wks

Claire 2wks
I think we can be sure these girls are related.
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Don't forget the big sis!

Our new look is 24/7 PJ they are cute, warm, and cozy. All of which is the only thing that matters right now. Also notice the brain drain gaze, forgive us oh perfect child rearers but the TV right now is our new friend.

Baby toy links you think.. Nah, Emma knows better they are super cool spy girl glasses.
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Baby Love!

Sweetly Sleepin'. Which happens the most sweetly and quietly during the day... Go figure, and poor daddy has taken up residence on the couch.

Some wool pants knitted by one of mommies friends. Claire is stylin'!

Classic Claire face, you can just tell there is a lot going on in that tiny baby brain.

Sisterly love.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Pod baby

Snoozing with daddy

I think the stress of being a big sister is driving emma to drink...

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Welcome Claire!

Claire Rose Flaherty was born February 10, 2009 at 12:14pm. She weighed 8# 14oz. and was 20.5" long. She came into the world naturally, and mama pulled through completely un-medicated. It was not as hard as I would expect an natural labor to be.
Monday night Patrick and I went to bed about 1am. I couldn't get comfortable so I decided to move to the couch so that Patrick could sleep. We had a dr. apt scheduled for Tuesday, and I was sure he had to go to work after the apt. so I wanted to make sure he got adequate sleep. I tossed on the couch for two hours trying to find a comfortable way to lay. Finally after two hours I had enough and decided to get up. I updated the blog, putzed on the computer, and enjoyed burning the midnight oil. At 5 I decided I should try  to get some sleep so I went back to the couch. This time I only lasted an hour before I decided to try to rest in the bath tub. Well I wasn't in the bath very long before I decided I needed to stand up and have the shower hit me. As I stood up the contractions started really hitting. I let the shower be my relief for a while, and then realized I should probably wake Patrick up. I woke up Patrick, and he called his mom. I called the dr.s office to let them know where I was at. I said I had thought my water broke in the shower, and the dr. let me know that she could bump my apt. up from 9:30 to 8:15. I told her the contractions were hitting about every two minutes and she was like "Oh... well let me get you off the phone so you can head to the hospital..." I was like you think... Anyways Patrick's mom arrives to come pick up Emma who had her bag of toys all packed and ready to go. Patrick and I head to the hospital. We check in and they put us in a triage room. The nurse checks me and I was 4.5 cm, and thin. She sends us to walk around for a half an hour while they get the room ready. When we get to the room Patrick settles in, he asks what he can do and I tell him nothing. I had my Ipod on and I was tuned in. Thankfully Emma had requested her songs be put on the Ipod too because they were the only things that got me through the labor. Her songs happened to be "Hey Mama" from the Black Eyed Peas, "Wind it up" from No Doubt, and "Drive Away" from Limeny Snickett. Much different than the play list of somewhere over the rainbow and inspirational music I had planned, but you go with what works. So Patrick read War and Peace while I jammed to some music. The nurse came in after an hour or so and asked how I was doing, and I said I wasn't getting much relief in between. She asked if I wanted to be checked and I said sure. She got the midwife and the midwife checked me. I was at 8.5 cm and she went ahead and broke my water. They then started the birth tub water for me and I got in. It was absolutely euphoric the pain was instantly relieved (for a moment). I labored so more in the tub. Then it came time to push. I tried to push in the tub couldn't find a position I liked, and that worked for me. The midwife thought my body was too relaxed in the tub, and suggested I get out for a bit try to use the bathroom. I got out and decided that the bed would be more comfortable for me to push and after about 4 good pushes Claire was free. Pushing was the most intense, and hardest thing I have done. It was scary and I didn't think I could do it, but of course I managed to do so.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daddy's point of view...

So many of you know Valorie and I are past due to have a baby. Valorie is really past due... We thought the time had come and at 1:30 Sunday morning drove downtown to the hospital.

I had not yet been. With a foggy windshield we navigated the parking garage (more later on poor windshield vision), parked, and walked/waddled towards maternity.

It was amazing. So calm, so relaxed. I always feel that I am going to be accosted and asked why, what, who, and where (for whatever unknown reason) upon entering a hospital. Instead it was asleep. silent. there were staff, but seeing Val in her state they seemed to only pause from their private conversation long enough to say, "she wishes it was time, but we'll see them again in an hour or so".

Upon reaching triage, we were well received by the staff. I remember Val expressing that she was "stylin" wearing her gown - which unreceived and even trite to the staff, seemed cute to me. After sitting in the corner of triage and watching the contractions, my wife, clock, and wallpaper, eventually the midwife came in.

Much to Val's dismay she offered tips for pain relief (this baby IS sunny side up) and sent us home.

So sure enough, released from the midwife, we walked the slow walk back to the car. Down the same, now familiar corridors. I envisioned them full with activity and hoped the baby will come at this time of night.

So it can be our hospital, our night together. In that wholly natural sense of the most unnatural time of day - the middle of the night.

Nonetheless we found the parking garage. I searched my pocket for the parking ticket and finding it, gave Val my wallet and asked her to fish out two bucks to pay when we got out. We got to the bottom of the parking garage and the gate was open.

No attendant, No spikes, no dogs...

We rolled out (happy thieves) to relieve grandma and grandpa and go to bed ourselves two dollars richer and even more ready than ever to have the baby. After complaining on the way home that the defroster wasn't working - Val reminded me that she had turned off the master control (fancy new-fangled cars) yesterday. I turned it back on and we could even see again!

SO soon enough it will come. And if daddy needs to go down the street while mama and baby are snoozing for a "break", I'll be sure to leave at two am.



Silly Face

Emma likes to show her silly face off. Quintessential silly face, where do they pick these things up? I don't make this face, and it is not a common one you see unless your in the under 10 crowd. I am sure she picked it up from a cousin or something silly Emma!

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Sorta Cute, Sorta Scary

Emma got this mask as a gift when she was just about one, and she has now taken a liking to it. It is kinda cute, but also kinda scary all at the same time.

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Fashion Baby

Emma is our fashion girl. She really knows how to pick an outfit. This would be her I wanted to be born in the 80's look. She was hoping somehow she would end up on the set of Full House, but she is stuck in the wrong era... The 80's did try to have a come back so maybe she isn't that far off.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Hat

I made Emma a new hat, because the baby was getting a bunch of new things. So I thought Emma needed a nice new warm hat.

The yarn was a gift from a friend, she handspun it herself. It's bright and bold and perfect for the crazy Emma bean!

Music Time

My favorite time is when Emma and Patrick play music together. It is such a precious moment that I think really creates a special bond for them.

Deep in the middle of the "Arkitoothus Song"

You know a rock star when you see one!

Art Time

Emma got an easel for Christmas. It occupies her, and she loves to make lots of pictures.

You just have to watch her with art supplies, she sometimes thinks they are snack worthy.

Convo following:
"Emma were you eating your marker?"
"No mommy"
"What's on your chin"
"I don't know"
"Let's go look"
Yep darlin' you were busted!


I fell off the blogging wagon, and got busy in doing other things. So how about a massive update :)
We had a great Christmas with everyone and was so excited to be able to spend the holidays with all of our families!

Watching the train go around the tree at Grandma and Grandpa Flaherty's

Emma and Grandpa Flaherty snuggling

Daddy enjoying some holiday spirit.

Uncle Brian sports some mean reindeer antlers

Daddy was excited to get his new collar for christmas, now we don't have to worry about him getting picked up by Animal Control.

Snazzy duo

Even Arki was "really excited" to get to wear some antlers to spread his holiday cheer.