Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last Harvest

Patrick spent the morning in the garden harvesting the last bit of root veggies. He harvested a ton of carrots and beets. Winter has now settled in and snow has covered the garden. Emma is sad that the garden is sad and not growing. I told her it had to rest until spring, and that in spring she can help plant again.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Go Colts!

Colts season is in full swing and the women of the house try to appreciate the sport. At least we will support Patrick's habit of watching.

This is the closest our family will get to the cheerleading pyramid.

But really we are just as happy being silly outside, than watching the game.

Toy Catalog

You know Christmas is approaching when the really thick ads start to come. You know the ones that are not geared for adults at all. The thick toy catalog with its glossy pages and bright colors with everything you could ever want but never need. With the chatter of "I wants" and "Oh that is so cool" and the marker circles of things to put on your wish list. It's that time of year, and I don't know who was more excited Patrick or Emma... (well Emma has been sleeping with the catalogs so I think she takes the award for most enthusiastic.)

Happy Halloween!