Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Emma and Patrick did a fantastic job carving this years pumpkin. It was more Patrick's overzealous hard work that made it turn out, and I think Emma really appreciated it.

Step one remove top, that was easy!

Emma wasn't really sure about the gut removal... She declined to participate.

Emma didn't mind watching Patrick do the hard work of scooping out the pulp.

The finished work! Wall-E, he was difficult to get a good picture of. Even harder with Claire "trying" to help.
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I love fall. It may be the hardest time on my body, but the crisp cool weather is my favorite. Recently I had a pumpkin day. Claire and I went to bed rather early, so the next morning we work up and were ready to take on the day. It helped that what I woke up to were some beautiful colors in the sky.

So I plopped Claire in her highchair, tossed her some Kix, and we baked!

These muffins were Fabulous! They were pumpkin ginger muffins found here. They were divine. They maintained moistness, without much difficulty. We also toasted pumpkin seeds, and had a mock pumpkin latte. It was a great day!
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flaherty Fall Vacation

Great trip! We had lots of fun and the girls did amazingly well in the car.

Giant Claire doesn't look so giant, amid the vast space of our enormous chalet!
7 bedrooms for 2 families, definitely more than we needed.

Unpacking, I planned all of our groceries because I didn't want to use vital trip time at the grocery store. After the 7 hour car drive and 20 min one way your lost on a mountain drive those Budweisers in the foreground were much needed.

Claire enjoyed the stairs. They might be big and she might be small, but don't tell her that.

Snuggling with Daddy on the balcony.

Emma singing to the mountains.


Big Rock

Flaherty girls

Papa Bear

Emma Bean and a Bear

Some evening yoga to work out the sore joints of hiking.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Huge baby...

Claire is huge. I pulled out all of Emma's clothes from the winter when she was a baby. Seeing that they are only a month behind each other clothes seasons haven't been a problem.Claire doesn't really fit in the things that Emma wore, she is much to beefy. Claire not only is huge in size. She is huge in spirit. She is 7 months going on a year. She said forget feeding me baby food. Claire wants what you are eating and she wants to do it herself. She is also pulling up to stand in her crib, other things are surely to come much to soon. Today Jennifer, the mother of the children I sit for, was talking about the stairs. Claire then attempted to climb them, however only reaching step two. That is enough for me, Claire is a wild woman!

She is just oozing with determination! (and you better not try to stop her...)
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