Thursday, July 29, 2010


Do you like to buzz,
Are you covered all in fuzz?
Do you call a hive a home
In the Garden where you roam?
Do you know how to make honey,
Are your stripes a little funny?
Do you like to buzz?
Unknown Author

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wandering Wednesday

Wandering Wednesday, a challenge by fellow blogger Nicole of Garden Mama: "Where did you wander today? I would love to know! Let's all take notice of where our feet take us and point our cameras down to notice where we are planted."

Here I stand starting on my fall SWAP (sewing with a plan.) I am mainly using Ottobre Women's patterns. The lines swirl about and I just trace, trace, and trace.
Here I stand grounded at home.
Here I sit, a lap, a mother. Not perfect, but renewing.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Crayon: A Toddler Food Group

Claire can not get enough of the crayons, she finds them everywhere. And they are not an art medium for, they are a food group.
Look at the drool.
There is a song about crayons. I am not sure what it is, because it is sung in the language of Clair-y-dactyl. It probably goes something like this "I love crayons, oh they taste so good."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garden girls

Claire loves picking, and eating. She doesn't mind the color or condition of the fruit she tries. She has mastered the most eloquent food removal if it doesn't agree with her palate. "Blagh"

Poor Emma she was having a rough day today, because she is four.... And there are bugs in the garden that might "stung and bit me." She really does love it outside but today was just a challenge day that even the outside couldn't change.

Wandering Wednesday

Wandering Wednesday, a challenge by fellow blogger Nicole of Garden Mama: "Let's all take notice of where our feet take us and point our cameras down to take notice of where we are planted."
Today was sorta a ho-hum kinda Wednesday. I didn't feel motivated, and inspired to do anything. The dip in the week. I have felt so tired, and un-rejuvenated when waking.

The wee beasties were getting unruly with me resting so I figured I would take them out for fresh air, and harvest some beans for dinner.

They were mighty delicious!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Evening

What is the best way to spend a summer evening? For me, outside in the garden with my family.
And maybe add a margarita in for good measures, and put it in a ball jar for nostalgia.
I really love our flowers this year. We have some zinnias, bachelor's buttons, and lots of marigolds. I typically don't love the standard marigold, but Patrick really likes them. So we did what any good married couple should do, we compromised. Patrick found some really neat marigolds, and this one has risen to be my favorite. I really love it, and paired with the bachelor's buttons it really is striking.
I love the flowers and the produce. Patrick loves the process, and his compost.
He thinks it is so fascinating that our scraps make such an awesome dirt. He is very proud of his compost, and has been known to put it on the tour of the house for guests.
The wee beasties well they love the fresh air, the fresh dirt, the abundance of things to discover. Emma has titled herself the nature detective.
She likes to go on hunts looking for clues. This evening the clues led her to a patch of carrots. While Emma searches, Claire giggles and follows, and picks up things, eats things, trips on things, eats the things she trips on, and giggles some more. Being a nature detective, and being a Claire can make a girl very hungry.
Yum! Fresh carrot!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Middle of July

A little poem by me-

Middle of July

Front porch sitting,
swinging and a listening.
Thunder cracks, and rolls on by.
Rain comes falling.
Ain't no one calling.
On this hot summer day
in the middle of July.

Kids are crying,
and no body is minding.
This mama is going crazy
one day at a time.

I will take an ice cold mojito
and some sand between my toes.
A retreat to the ocean
for some waves rolling by.

But stuck here in no where land,
with my kids and a box of sand.
It keeps them happy
as the corn grows high.

Soon it will be cooler
as the days grow shorter.
But for now, it's just hot summer day
in the middle of July.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Work In Progress Wed.

Moths have invaded my craft/ sewing room. It is operation de-stash, wash and ruler fold everything. Super Saver yarn you did not make the cut. Strange knits from Mystery knit box you are out too. I wish this room was fancier, but right now it is serving its utilitarian purpose.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Box Buddies

It always goes to say that the best things in life are free. I think in childhood the card board box is the most prized and timeless toy. The complete open ended toy. The wee beasties spent hours with this box.

Even the box came with warnings that the things in side were in deed fragile. Mama had one rule and one rule only that the occupant of the box must be sitting when the box was moving. Obviously rules were meant to be broken... Looking at the positive... No children were injured in the moving of the box.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Wee Freak Out

So while cooking dinner I hear the loudest shriek. The mother freak out cry, the I could be dying cry, the I am hurt beyond belief cry. So I stop what I am doing and rush to see the wee-est beastie who was making this cry. Hoping and praying that the cry is not caused by anything too serious.

To my relief this is what I found:


Wee-est beastie had climbed up into her diaper changing table and got stuck... Thank goodness Mama came to save the day!

And we carried on like nothing ever happened. I guess it is kinda embarrassing to get stuck in your diaper changing table, and you don't want to think about it...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Work in progress Wed.

Slowly has the sweater come. Maybe since it is far from sweater season the inspiration has been lacking.
Pic coming soon.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gamblin' Christmas

I escaped this past Friday night to go see Patrick play. Patrick's band mate and wife are expecting in the middle of this month so I thought now would be a good time to go just in case she goes late, and they wouldn't be playing for a while. I left the wee beasties with one of their cousins the girls adore, and headed out.

It was a great time, and the music was great! It has been a while since going out and I was a bit sticker shocked with the price of beer. I think we will have to have a back yard show next time, that is more my speed and budget.