Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Emma and I had a good afternoon of some nice one-on-one time. So we built a really cool quadrilla set using the stairs.

It was so cool. I even kept Claire upstairs so we could show Daddy. However, Arkitoothus the Cat wasn't so fond of it blocking his stairs and pounced on it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Virgina to Washington D.C.

Our first trip was a road trip to VA. We had a great visit with our good friend Eric. We missed him so much the girls instantly clung to him like he hadn't been gone.

They then sprinkled his house with Joe O's, Cars stickers, and crayons. Making his nice clean bachelor pad toddlerfied! After settling in, we walked to the park. Eric really knows how to win the girls over, free fun is the best fun!

Even Patrick got in on the fun.

The next day we did some sight seeing, architecture viewing, fountain finding, expensive restaurant that wasn't worth the price eating.
Don't they just look so happy to be on vacation?

After Richmond we boarded the train to Washington D.C.

We saw the typical sites, went to a couple museums. Ask Emma what we did in D.C. and she will tell you she rode the carousel.
Waiting to ride the carousel.

We told Claire she wasn't big enough to ride.

We had fun we stayed at another friend Jillian's apartment in D.C. We had dinner with a college buddy, so nice to catch up!
Did another day at the National Mall.
Then caught the train home. We were tired!

We got back to VA, had dinner at Comfort. If you are ever in Richmond, VA you have to go to Comfort! The food was amazing. My mojito was one of the best I have had, and was served in a Ball jar! Unfortunately Emma had an I am done with vacation meltdown, and I had to leave with her. But I was rewarded appropriately with a chocolate mousse.
Friday came, and our friend Eric got sick. So we decided to call it a good vacation, better not push it and drive home.
We miss you already Eric, thanks for being a good host.

I am back

Here I am, what a month! We were on the go, and it was madness! I finally feel like we are settling back into a rhythm. A rhythm that lets mama blog! Yippee!