Thursday, October 1, 2009

Huge baby...

Claire is huge. I pulled out all of Emma's clothes from the winter when she was a baby. Seeing that they are only a month behind each other clothes seasons haven't been a problem.Claire doesn't really fit in the things that Emma wore, she is much to beefy. Claire not only is huge in size. She is huge in spirit. She is 7 months going on a year. She said forget feeding me baby food. Claire wants what you are eating and she wants to do it herself. She is also pulling up to stand in her crib, other things are surely to come much to soon. Today Jennifer, the mother of the children I sit for, was talking about the stairs. Claire then attempted to climb them, however only reaching step two. That is enough for me, Claire is a wild woman!

She is just oozing with determination! (and you better not try to stop her...)
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Beth said...

Oh my goodness! Our second babies are huge. I bought John Paul some 6-9 month outfit for the winter. When I brought them home and tried them on, they were small! I took them back and bought size 12 months. The kid is 5 months old and the 12 months fit perfectly.