Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vist Uncle Brian

This past weekend we went and visited Uncle Brian. I think we should start referring to Uncle Brian as UB (a tribute to the movie Uncle Buck, a great classic.) We had a great time once everyone settled in. Maeve and Emma went to girl land and had fun with glitter and nail polish. Poor Cian, he doesn't enjoy girl land as much as Emma does. Thanks to Eric we managed to get Shadow's matted cat hair removed too. I think that alone made the weekend a success.

Maeve, beautiful and such a free spirit.

Cian is all boy, and probably a lot like his father as a boy. All the army men had to be aligned perfectly on the shelf, and socks had to be stacked the right way.

Emma's method of doughnut eating: eat the icing off, and save the bottom for later (aka known as throw it away) notice the banana in the foreground that got saved for later too... Sugar nut got her mother's sweet tooth.

Claire and Daddy had a good time too!
We can't wait until it's time to visit UB again.
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Beth said...

Wow, Claire is so big and beautiful!~ And I love the picture of Emma posing :)