Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holy Heartattack!

Sparkle Pony (aka Emma Bean) just locked me out of our house while I was taking the compost out. We have old doors that lock behind you, and she was watching dragon tales so I ran out really quick and that bugger followed right behind me to slam the door. (Insert favorite explicit here) I ran to the neighbors and they weren't home, so went to another neighbors house and he was home (oh thank goodness and especially thank goodness because he is very handy). I called the IL's and they didn't answer their phone called the hubby and he didn't answer his phone. (Insert another explicit here) I am like what do I do! The neighbor came over, and he was about to break the pane out of the door when he thought to look at the window it was unlocked so we opened it. Our windows are never unlocked so it was a sheer miracle that it was! I said I'm small I can climb the window he looked at me and say "Oh no I ain't having that happen on me.." Oh yeah I am pregnant and not so small anymore. So he climbs in the window, and lets me in. Sigh thank god! We are roasting a pumpkin right now it looks like he gets a loaf of pumpkin bread.

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KatelinRyan said...

oh WOW. Things you never think about being a total catastrophe until you have a little one in the house!! :-)
I'm a habitual key-looser and lock myself out of the apartment bldg and/or car AT LEAST once a year... then I swear it will never happen again. Ha.
Glad it all worked out!!