Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The garden has been doing extremely well, and it has cut our grocery bill down a lot! At first we were eating a ton of beets thanks to this recipe. Now we are into the squash and zucchini harvest. We are still looking for our go to recipe for them.

More lettuce than we could ever eat. Also Chard pesto is amazing!

We are waiting for tomatoes, oh how do we love fresh tomatoes!

Yummy beets! They are done but we are ready for fall planting because they are such a good veggie!

Baby strawberries, we didn't get many its our first year. Emma wont know what to do with herself next year though!

Snap peas are Emma's favorite, she can keep herself busy outside harvesting and eating all day long. At one point Patrick didn't think that we were getting any peas because he never saw any. I had to tell him that was Emma would eat them while I watered.

Showing off her prize winning peas, mmmmmm they are tasty!
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