Thursday, June 9, 2011

Going Visiting

Our Memorial Day plans were canceled at home. We had the weekend free for a road trip to visit Papa G and Grandma J and some cousins. Oh were the girls excited.

They woke up extra early, dressed, and were ready to go. I had to say not yet one more cup of coffee. Mama still has to pack. Oh to have that juvenile spunk and excitement upon waking, it would have made packing easier.

We went straight to Aunt Natalie's house because Papa G and Grandma J didn't have power. The girls were a bit disappointed at first because they had jumping on their mind. Aunt Natalie did have a pretty cool park close by though.

We then traveled to my parents, and the jumping began. They started and finished the visit on the trampoline. I hated trampolines as a kid, but the girls obviously do not share my angst.

It was a nice visit.

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