Monday, October 10, 2011

Making lanterns

First paint a piece of watercolor paper and let it dry. Then oil it with vegetable oil, massage the oil in until you see the paper become transparent. Gather your supplies. This is a half sheet of 11"x15" paper.

Fold the corner over to get a 7.5" square.

Cut excess off.

Fold diagonally the other direction.

Fold in half length wise, and then again width wise.

Off set the corners, matching the length and width folds with diagonal folds.

Fold the corners down.

Open folds.

Cut the corners off, and now you an octagon.

Make sure you have 16 segments, you may need to half some of the larger segments if you do not have 16.

Fold up a section of four segments matching to the angles.

Continue around.

Open up and do the same to the other octagon points.
Looks the same but you will see triangles in the center this time of the framed area.

Turn over.

Fold down on the line.

Repeat folding down the triangles around.

Finish shaping.


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Karen said...

This is beautiful! I want to try to make one. Maybe this week! Thanks for the directions and the idea!