Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello, dehydrator!

We welcome the crunchy goodness that you are creating!

Hello, science.

We are checking on our fruit and watching how it changes ever hour. The shrieks of amazement,"It's shrinking!" are so delightful!

Hello, new year.
I hate resolutions, and I feel that if I make one I will fail. So no resolution this year, but I will have a goal. A goal seems less threatening. But what shall it be? I would love to lose weight, and become stronger and healthier. I would love to develop my ashtanga practice. I would love to become a better more attentive mother, and wife. I would love to become creative again, and create my art. I would love to develop the skill to manage my time better. However, I think most of all I would love to do these things while living simply and fulfilled.
So, I think my main goal will be to live simply and fulfilled. If the other ideas develop into realities that would be great too, because they do work with the main goal.

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