Friday, January 7, 2011

7 January

This morning was a slow going morning. Claire was up most of the night with a fever, and congestion. Thumb suckers and congestion are not really cohesive, which magnified the sleeplessness from the fever.
Good morning
Emma then realized that she was prepared for naughty pigs if they were to invade our house.
Angry Bird prep
After aiming the bird at the target you release to kill the pig.
Fire that bird
The spectators were amazed to witness such an outstanding sport.

Thank you angry birds for teaching my eldest about the fine art of catapulting.
Catapulting is a tough sport so it requires rest afterwards.
Sleeping Beauty
I wish I could say we then took a fabulous winter walk in the lush snowflakes that fell today, but we enjoyed them from the window.
Then it was time for some yatzee! I was surprised how well they picked up the game. They were like yatzee pros.
Of course they had to be, because Claire took it upon herself to be rule referee.
Rule Ref
I think Claire took her position a little to seriously, because she became a little diva on us.
We ended our nice Friday with a picnic dinner in the living room, with kids' choice sub sandwiches and chips.
Picnic dinner

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