Saturday, January 8, 2011

8 January

Saturday, do you not realize you are a day of regrouping. Children are not supposed to be sick on saturday. It is just cruel! But alas I awoke to the sound of a stomach trying to remove it's contents at 4 am. The up side was I caught power yoga on at 6, and did the entire show. That was some what rejuvenating, and managed to settle me back in sleep mode. Which ended way to quickly.
Our morning progressed as Saturday mornings do, lots of errands and a bit of saving Hello Kitty.
Saving HK
Claire is in that beautiful stage of where she thinks she doesn't need a nap. It is torture me
Fighting sleep 365-8 #fb
Claire got to exchange a double Christmas present, and picked out a pack of ponies. She loves to tend to her ponies, and brush their hair.
Claire then helped Dad do some lesson planning.
Lesson plan

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