Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Bendy Dolls!

These are getting to be a lot of fun for me to make, and it is a pretty good stress reliever/ diverter. However Patrick says I have for sure left the world of art and have entered the world of craft. I know not many of my art professors would be joyously praising my new body of work, but well a 3 yr old and a 10 mth old do not cultivate/ give time for artistic expression beyond that of play dough. So I craft, shrug, it keeps me sane. Well that and a healthy dose of coffee.

What Emma and Claire do while I craft...

You might call this dancing, or sibling battling. I am not sure, it all changes in an instant.


Katelin said...

Val - I love the dolls!! so creative... and the staging of them in the pics is perfect. :-)

Beth said...

Those are awesome! M is getting a dollhouse for Christmas. We might need to buy a few of those from you :)