Saturday, February 6, 2010


When Candlemas Day was gray I was estatic because I am done with winter, but Patrick said all he wanted was one more snow. Well he got snow, and a lot of it. My class first class of this semester was canceled today, and that is okay with me. I wasn't ready to tackle on a gaggle of teenagers early this morning. I was happy to stay home cleaning and preparing for Claire's big 1st birthday party. So we tidied the house, and made it gleam just like the crisp snow. After cleaning Patrick took a break and played with Emma in the snow. Emma loves snow! She loves to fall into the snow.
Getting ready to go out.
Falling in the snow makes your hair get crusted with snow, which tastes yummy.
Hiding behind Daddy's snow fort!

King Winter
is now in the land
he reigns with the cold
and freezing hand.
He makes Jack Frost
touch nose and toe,
and brings us
bright and shiny snow.

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