Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of Pre K

Heading off to her first day of Pre-K. She has to wear a uniform like the big kids do, and boy does it make her look so grown up.

The younger sibling always has to steal the limelight. Claire was so sad that we left Emma at school. She kept touching Emma's car seat and saying "Emma?" Claire was very happy when we picked Emma up, and that we didn't just leave Emma at the big school.

Emma's version of school went like this. "Well Mom, we got to school and ate waffles (which I think they did) and we had some squeezee stuff ( faux syrup?) and then we read a story. I did lots of swinging and this little boy wanted my swing and threw a fit" "Oh was he having a rough day." I said "Yeah" Emma continues on not appreciating my interruption, "and then we went back inside and made ant pictures, and then (this is where it gets creative) my dog Sparkle was digging a hole in the class and he found a bunch of ants. So we all got to look at the ants" "Then we decided to make a snack, so we made ant gummies. We cooked and cooked and then got tired from cooking so we took a nap" "Oh" I said "you didn't leave the oven on did you?" "Well Mom, it is a water oven and they don't burn just lots of smokey (steam)"
Sounds like it was a fun day at school.


Beth said...

She looks so cute and grown up!

Angel said...

I am loving Emma in her unirorm!! So incredibly cute & so incredibly grown up!xx