Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unsafe Babywearing

Emma's take on the unsafe babywearing.

However in all honesty. I think that babywearing is beautiful and crucial to my life. It is safe if you use proper carriers and watch your baby for signs of distress. There are many groups to help if you feel overwhelmed with a carrier. Proper usage is very important. The bag slings that created the unsafe stir, are dangerous. However, there are so many other options and brands that are safe. I recommend a Moby/ strechy wrap for the newest of babies, and then move to a Mei Tai or Soft Structured Carrier. I used to love the pouch sling with Emma but knowing more, it is really hard on moms body and newborns can get in the dangerous chin to chest position.
So babywearing mamas be safe, keep you babies close, and wear them proudly~

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Beth said...

I need someone to show me how to make a buckle tai. I'm tired of these long ties! :)